The Secrets to Great Portrait Photography

photographers in ChicagoOne thing photographers in Chicago looking to delve into portrait photography needs is technical skills. Technical skills that are honed to fit the genre accompanied by the right approach towards clients will make any portrait session a success. However, lack of these things will make the pictures less than savory.

The act of capturing a beautiful portrait of an individual that depicts thoughts, emotions or state of mind is not something that can be done easily. In portrait photography, the photographer needs to be able to capture all these things through the eyes of the client or their body posture. Portrait photographers in Chicago need to consider varying factors for the photograph to look distinct, piercing and expressive all at the same time.

Therefore, most portrait photographers take the following as Bible to distinguish their shots from the norm out there:

Making use of the right camera

The tools of portrait photography are just as important as the skills they photographer is required to have. Lack of a good camera can hinder the best efforts of the portrait photographer to get the best pictures. Due to innovation in modern technology, there are now different types of cameras at different prices that work best in different situations. Out of the different options, the photographer is bound to find one that works well for the portraits.

Choosing a good location

Another thing that has a role to play in how good the portraits turn out is the setting the photographers in Chicago choose for it. In portrait photography, even the smallest of detail counts in making the picture as a whole. A less than stellar background/setting/backdrop for the portrait will have an effect on the final product. Backgrounds can also serve as noise in a portrait. Anything that detracts from the subject is noise so therefore, selective nature of the photographer is called for when selecting backgrounds.

Highlighting the eyes

The eyes they say are the window to the soul. Through the eyes you can be able to understand what the subject of a portrait is thinking about or contemplating at that moment. Through the eyes you can decipher if they feel sad or are elated. The direction of the eyes and the intensity behind it can denote a specific emotion or convey a shroud of mystery in a portrait. The bane of a good photographer is in knowing how to bring forth those readings by accentuating the eyes of the subject.


Lighting normally are separated into natural and artificial aspects. The natural one comes from the surroundings while the artificial consists of studio lights, reflectors, flash etc.

Just as important as the background of a portrait in portrait photography is the aspect of lighting. Good lighting in a portrait does the final product a whole lot of good. One thing every photographer must know how to do is to make use of light properly. Good knowledge of how to utilize different types of light to their advantage can be a weapon in the arsenal of a photographer that distinguishes him from the rest.