When Prepping For The Wedding

Keep your bridal ring safe at all times.

york wedding photographerMost of the brides out there tend to forget how to be careful when it comes to the aspect of taking care of the ring at all times but this is not the type of thing that you ought to allow yourself to neglect at any point in time. The engagement ring or the bridal ring is the type of thing that proves to be the most important object that you wear on you all the time. An engagement may take only a few months but it may also take a few years and with that in mind, you need to make sure that you make sure that you get to take care of your bridal ring all the time and that you get to keep it in tip top shape every bit of the way. Take your ring off whenever you are doing anything laborious. Keep your ring out of harm’s way when you are using detergents or any abrasives. Have a scheduled appointment with the jeweller to make sure that the ring is periodically cleaned and maintained. Make sure that the stone is still set in tightly and that no prongs are loosening their grips or anything like that.

Don’t discount the power of paper.

Sure, it will prove to be incredibly convenient for you to pick out a pretty font and to print out your wedding invites on expensive looking paper and call it an invitation for the wedding. You can even opt to go ahead and choose a paper that smells nice. That would be an extra nice touch. However, most of the brides these days opt for the even more convenient and cheaper electronic invites but this can make your guests feel a bit detached and feel as if you didn’t really put as much thought and effort into the invitations as much as they have expected to when it all comes down to it. Send one out to your professional York wedding photographer and other vendors as well so that they get to join in on the festivities and so that they can make use of the details that are included in your invites one way or the other.

Don’t overdecorate.

Overdecorating can turn out to be a little too much at times. It will not only cost you a lot of money and stretch your budget out a little but it might also prove to make your decorative aspects for the wedding a little too stuffy for taste. Less is more. That has always been and will always be the catchphrase of elegance and this is what you ought to strive to do in all of the best ways. Have one section of your wedding venue decorated accordingly so that your guests and your York wedding photographer can make the most use out of it but don’t overdo anything while you are at it. You don’t have to spend that much money and you don’t have to worry yourself too much when it comes to efforts like this at all.

How A Wedding Photographer Should Handle Social Media

Educate your audience

York wedding photographerAs a wedding photographer blogger, you should aim to educate your audience more than just the aspect of being able to entertain them with your blog entries. When you come up with content that people will be able to learn something from or at least take something away from, you make a lasting impression on them. They are more likely to share your content out on their social media pages and they are most likely to come back to your blog if they know that what you offer out are high quality content that advise them on topics revolving around wedding photography in general.

When you post something funny or whimsical, it can entertain your audience for a bit but it will not really have a lasting impression on them and this can be an issue. Keep in mind of the fact that what you are trying to do is to establish your particular brand of wedding photography. You will not be able to do that if you just keep skimming the surface with trivial content. You need something solid and something that people will actually be able to appreciate at the end of the day.

Make your wedding photographer blog entries visually engaging.

This is something that can really interest people who are checking out your content. Since you are a professional who is involved in the visual arts, this should already be a given. You need to make sure that there is actually something to look at when people visit your blog. Incorporate photos and videos if you can. Focus more on the videos if you can. They are easy to share and they don’t take up too much time. More than that, videos make for really great looking teasers for your blog entries. They are shareable on social media and on a bunch of other video viewing platforms. This is something that you can really go ahead and exploit as a new wedding photographer who is aiming to increase his audience base through blogging. Make sure that your image layout is on point and that you are very selective with the material that you do decide to include in your blog entries. They will be representative of who you are as a York wedding photographer.

Get to know your audience ahead of time

Find out what particular demographic you would like to target as a wedding photographer and try to focus on that as much as possible. You need a target demographic to aim your sights on. This way, you don’t end up being all over the place and you can streamline your efforts without too much difficulty. Decide on which type of market you would like to hit and make sure that all of your blogging efforts are directed towards that aim. It will make your job as a wedding photographer blogger so much easier to follow through with when you know what you are going for in the first place. Think about this all of the time whenever you are in the brainstorming phase of your blog writing.