How A Wedding Photographer Scotland Should Deal With Annoying Snap Shooters

Be professional and diplomatic.

wedding photographyBe professional and diplomatic all throughout the time that you are addressing the snap shooters as a wedding photographer in Scotland. Tact is something that will really get to go a long way because this is something that people will really be able to go ahead and appreciate the entire time that you are at it. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that as a wedding photographer, you are technically representing your clients out to their guests. You should be able to master the art of getting your point across without ever losing your patience the entire time that you are there and the entire time that you are dealing with your clients. It is very important for you to make sure that you get to keep a lid on things the entire time that you are there.

Deal with things calmly and coolly as much as possible.

It can be a bit of a delicate thing to juggle, having to come off sounding authoritative and believable enough for people to actually look up and follow what you would like them to do but being tactful enough to not end up offending them while you are at it. It is not something that you will get to master right off the bat but the more that you do this or the more that you get to practice on this, the more you will get better at this.


Propose a compromise so that you can solve the issue and so that you can go about with your tasks unperturbed as a wedding photographer in Scotland. Technically speaking, although this is something that you might find annoying or even downright impede you or delay your tasks and shots as a wedding photographer, you don’t really have a right to disallow them from taking pictures of the wedding, especially if they happen to be close relatives or friends of the couple and that is something that you will have to deal with. One thing that you can do to help you pull things off the right way without really stepping on anyone’s rights would be for you to come up with a compromise or some sort of agreement with them while you are there. Tell them that you will give them a heads up once it’s alright for them to snap photos of their own. This way, you will be able to go ahead and take your shots in peace while at the same time, satisfy their needs to take shots of their own as well. There has to be a little give and take going on if you want to make sure that this will work out well.

Include a clause.

Include a clause in the contract detailing your thoughts and preferences on secondary wedding photographers just so that the clients know your take on it. Although the clients don’t really have that much control over how their guests behave, then can at least brief them about it during the rehearsal and people will at least get to know your take on things as a wedding photographer with the clients speaking up for you, making it official.