Basic Newborn Photography In Calgary Tips


newborn baby photographyBefore you take on any newborn photography in Calgary assignments, the first thing you need to really ask yourself is if whether or not you are willing to rise up to the challenge. You need a lot of supply of patience for this. Dealing with newborn babies has always been a bit of a challenge, whether you are someone who has a background in dealing with kids or not. However, it will be doubly hard if you have never had experience dealing with babies at all. If you are a newcomer in this niche and you have no prior experience in dealing with babies, then you are in for a real roller coaster ride. However, you don’t have to worry because there are a lot of things that you can do to prepare for this. You will also have more than enough time when it comes to getting yourself acquainted with all of the different possibilities that might possibly come out of the newborn photo shoot when it all comes down to it. Try to ask around from the other newborn photographers you may know. Getting info from them first hand is usually the most useful and efficient way to get things done the right way.

First 2 weeks

Schedule the newborn photography in Calgary shoot within the first 2 weeks of the baby’s life. When the baby is fairly young, 2 weeks young in particular, you will have a really easy time with him for as far as the newborn photo shoot is concerned. This is mainly because of the fact that the baby has not really acclimated just yet to the fact that he is already living in the outside world. For some reason, the behavior of a newborn baby during the first two weeks of his life will mostly revolve on a lot of sleeping, feeding, and just basically being docile and agreeable and doing nothing, really. This is something that can really work to your advantage as a professional newborn baby photographer. Make sure that you get to schedule this with the parents aka your clients ahead of time. Most of them do not really understand the importance of such a time frame. They might be thinking that you might as well just be pulling dates out of the air, based off of your available schedule. They need to know that this is for the benefit of a seamless and smooth newborn photo shoot.

Indirect lighting

Go for indirect lighting in newborn photography in Calgary because the newborn baby might turn out to be a little too distracted with harsh lighting. The perfect light to use when shooting pictures of newborn babies who are extremely light sensitive is natural light. It is something steady and mild enough to illuminate the pictures without necessarily startling the baby or without shining too bright a light on the newborn baby’s face. Flash is a no-no as much as possible because this might jolt the baby awake and might lead to your baby photo shoot being cut short once the baby starts to act up.