Blog Tips for a Wedding Photographer

Keep tittle or header short and simple

photography blogIf it is your first time to go ahead and write a blog as a wedding photographer, there are just a few basic things that you need to think about when you are in the process of writing it. You will usually start off with the title or with the header. This is something that you will need to keep simple and short as much as possible. Your goal is for people to easily find it and to easily look up searches or it at the end of it all. What is usually advisable is for you to put in the first names of the couple, the day of the wedding, the name of the venue, and then the actual location that the wedding was held in. That way, when people try to hit up searches about the venue or location, they will be led right into your blog. At the same time, when the couple or when friends of the couple try to look up your blog, all that they need to do is to just try to look up their first names or even the date of the wedding and they will be lead right through your blog as a wedding photographer. Stick to the simple formula. It’s a bit of a no brainer but it is something that has been tested to work and to be effective time and time again. You do not need to be original and interesting when it comes to the title. You can save all of that for later.

Try a sentence at a time

Although writing may be a bit of a weakness for you or although it may be considered as something that you aren’t really all that excited to work out at the end of the day, the fact remains that it is something that you will have to do or deal with no matter what. The trick there is to not bite off way more than you can chew. Try to do things a sentence at a time. Then try to pull it off a paragraph at a time. You will eventually notice that this is something that you will get the hang of and it can really quite easily grow on you especially if it is something that you tend to practice again and again and especially if it is something that you really put your mind into at the end of the day. When you come to think about it, no one was born into this world knowing how to write. It is a skill that people get to learn over time. The more time you spend trying to get it done, the easier it will be for you. Of course, you always have the option to outsource it if that’s what you would like to do but then again while you are starting out, it might be a good idea to try and see for yourself if it is something that you can pull off solo at first, especially when you don’t really have that much money to begin with.

Work on the way that you lay out your images.

It should be engaging and interesting to look at. This means that the sizes of the images should vary greatly and it means that it should not be all the same as well. Not all images deserve to be posted in full size all of the time. It will make your image layout landscape look monotonous and boring. Try to check out how the other wedding photographers are doing it in their blogs or try to observe how the professional magazines are getting it done and then move on from there.

How to Get More Experience in Wedding Photography

Get experience

wedding photographyGetting some kind of experience in wedding photography, especially when you are someone who is fairly new to it can be tough in the beginning but the longer and the harder that you work on it, the more momentum you will end up getting. If things don’t work out for you as well as you would like things to at first, don’t despair and don’t lose focus or don’t be discouraged when you come across some challenges. Just try to continue working on it as much as you possibly can and try to see if you get some kind of progress as you go along. If there is anything that you need to know about wedding photography, it would have to be the fact that the competition can be extremely tough and at times a little crazy. Getting a lot of experience can be something that can really go ahead and boost your chances of booking more potential clients than you would have if you don’t have a portfolio that is so pumped up.

Work on applying for internships.

This is particularly applicable if you are a wedding photography student. Always be on the lookout for things like those because the experience is something that you can use to spurn your career on in wedding photography and it is also something nice to look at in your resume. The pay will not always be that good and there will be some times wherein you won’t even be paid at all but what you need to know about it is that it is technically getting a wedding photography professional to mentor you in exchange for your assistance or for you services. It’s a great way for you to get yourself introduced to the world of wedding photography and all of the things that you need to work out in the process without the responsibility and the risk.

Bring in some personal projects on the side.

You will not always have people lining up at your doorstep to book you for wedding photography projects so there is a pretty good possibility that you are going to end up doing nothing for days and days. It is important that you go ahead and fill the void by keeping the creativity going with the personal projects that you can go ahead and shoot on the side. Check out the blogs of the other wedding photographers you admire and try to see if you can pick up some kind of inspiration from the other personal projects that they might be featuring in those wedding photography blogs.

Volunteer to cover for a friend or family member.

The best way to get experience is for you to volunteer to take care of the wedding photography needs of friends and family members who are getting married. Offer it out either for a reduced pricing or for free, if you can afford it. It is the perfect way for you to go ahead and beef up your portfolio. It is the best way for you to show potential clients what you are capable of at the end of the day.

Tips to Make Visually Engaging Posts for Wedding Photographers

Make your posts visually engaging through photos

wedding photography tipsWhen it comes to social media, wedding photographers should always aim to make their social media posts as visually engaging as much as possible. Social media is mainly a visual medium. You need to understand the fact that when it all comes down to it, an all text post is just not something that will work all that much for viewers or for most of the audiences these days. You need to work on being able to catch people’s eyes as much as possible. If you are a new wedding photographer who is still working on getting his feet wet when it comes to the intricacies that usually come along with the maintenance and upkeep of social media profiles, try to think of it as if you are on the receiving end of the posts. Think about the posts that interest you and intrigue you the most.

Think about which posts are most likely to gain your click and further attention. These are fairly basic things but they are not something that people usually have enough common sense to check out at the end of the day when they are putting stuff up on social media.

Go through the motions of really incorporating photos as well as videos in your social media posts.

This is something that can really turn out to be an advantage for wedding photographers given the fact that wedding photography is mainly involved with pictures and all things visual. This means that you will technically get to have an upper hand when it comes to the aspect of coming up with visually appealing social media posts that audiences are more inclined to follow and click on one way or the other. When your posts look interesting and eye catching, audiences are more likely to invest time as well as engagements in them. They are most likely to share, comment, and like your social media posts if they are something that titillate their senses when it all comes down to it. This sounds exhausting to try to aim for every single time at first but you will eventually get the hang of things. The more that you are able to do it, the easier they will turn out to be. The first few steps are usually the hardest and the most challenging but as you go along, you will slowly get better at what you are doing on social media.

Incorporate pics in slideshows or videos

One example of making your posts easy on the eyes is that if you are putting up multiple photos, for example, instead of just uploading them in huge batches, you could incorporate them in slideshows or videos instead. This way, the audience gets to have access to the photos and to what you are trying to say in your posts all in one click. Provide the ease of convenience out to your audience and to the rest of your followers because it is something that will eventually help you out when it comes to being able to establish a pretty reliable online profile as a wedding photographer.

Tips That Actually Work In Wedding Photography

Use an efficient workflow

wedding photography tipsYou need to be wise enough to understand pretty early on in your wedding photography career that establishing a nice and efficient work flow is something that is extremely important. It will more or less dictate how you will be able to go through things during the wedding photography service. As someone who is new to wedding photography, you will probably be under the common misconception that you will be spending a huge chunk of your time being behind the camera lens all of the time. This is actually not true. Most of the time, you will be spending hours and hours on end trying to go through the motions of the post editing process. You will end up wasting a lot of time trying to decide between which photos to keep and which ones to discard.

Decide how to edit fast but right

You will also try to analyse which editing approach will work best on a certain photo when it all comes down to it. You need to make sure that you will be able to go through the editing process fast enough and without too much delay because your clients will be anxious for the final finished photos. They will keep badgering you to see if you have finished up on the editing even if you have a promised turnaround timeline or so. They will find it a little hard to forgive you if you will not be able to deliver or make good on your deadlines so this is something that you will really need to work hard on when it all comes down to it. Be meticulous and tedious in the way that you file, name, and number your image files. Sort them out in folders, by dates, by names, and so on and so forth. There is no blanket approach when it comes to establishing a workflow system in wedding photography.

Keep things organized

Go with whatever works for you and whatever works for the kind of personality that you have. Go for something that will more or less fit you like a glove and help you make things work out. Keep things organized and systematic as much as possible so that you know exactly where everything goes and so that you will be able to keep things just as you would like them to be.

Your files are quite precious.

They are something that you worked extremely hard to get during the wedding photography shoot, after all. Make sure that you are able to really store them the right way. Invest in high quality and huge capacity external hard drives and back up your files routinely after every single shoot. Store these hard drives separately so that you always have something that will save the day for you in case something happens to the other. You can never really be too sure when it comes to the safety of your image files so don’t second guess anything and back them up as much as possible. Keep your memory cards clean and well maintained as well so that you have nothing to worry about when you are shooting during the wedding photography shoot.