How To Plan A Cost Efficient Wedding

Go DIY with your catering needs.

best wedding photographersYou don’t have to go around blowing all of your money for food when there is actually something to be done with it. You can choose to get the help of someone who cooks well in the kitchen or you may prefer to hire out a family owned restaurant or catering service as they tend to charge less compared to the commercialized ones. If you or someone in your family can cook, then try to go for a more personalized approach and get it done within the family instead. A common rule of thumb in the food industry is that they have a basic markup of 75% out of the total ingredients along with facilities and manpower. That is a huge amount when you think about it.

They raise up the markup even more if they find out that it is for a wedding. It’s not because it is necessary, of course. It is mainly because of the fact that they can do it. There is a notion that all services and products for weddings should be at least 20% more and this is something that you can veer away from when you go ahead and opt to go low key on the food instead. You don’t have to sacrifice the food altogether, you can still get great food on the day of the wedding; you don’t have to go for broke over it.

Keep it simple with the flowers.

Flowers can cost a lot of money when you are being extravagant with it. You can go for a simple and a fairly minimalistic approach and the best wedding photographers in the industry will still be able to go ahead and make the most of it at the end of the day. Even common wild flowers can have a breathtaking effect overall if they are arranged tastefully and vibrantly. You don’t have to go for the usual cut and dried patterns when you are trying to get flowers for your wedding day. You can be as creative and as cheap as you would like to be and things will still work out for you the right way.

Gifts for your wedding entourage are not obligatory.

Take note of the fact that you have other more important costs or expenses to take care of such as hiring out the best wedding photographers that you could go ahead with. Although they will appreciate the effort of you going above and beyond to give them gifts for their efforts, they will not exactly feel insulted if you don’t go ahead and give them anything at the end of the day.

Create your own invitations.

If you are looking for something that has impact and something that the best wedding photographers in the industry will really be able to take advantage of the right way. A little personal touch on the side can really turn out to make quite a difference in the world and this is what you should be checking out one way or the other.