Free Stuff You Can Get From Your Wedding Photographer

An engagement photo shoot

wedding photographers from PortsmouthThe common notion that brides tend to have is that an engagement photo shoot is oftentimes an extra cost that they would have to cater to at some point or so. Although this is partially true as some wedding photographers from Portsmouth set shoots like this up with a completely different package other than the actual wedding day shoot, there are also a lot of other photographers out there who bundle this up with the main wedding photography package. This is what you should be watching out for at some point or so.

The engagement photo shoot is the perfect venue for you to see the skills of your wedding photographer in action. You will be able to go ahead and put his skills to the test while you are at it. This is also something that you can consider as a practice session. Although the deal may have been mapped out accordingly, it wouldn’t be too late for you to turn back and switch up your options in case you aren’t satisfied with the work ethics of your professional wedding photographer. This is a last resort, of course. Still, it would be nice for you to know that this is something that you have going on in the background one way or the other. If you aren’t all that used to posing for the camera for a prolonged period of time, the engagement session is a great way for you to break yourself in and get used to the camera. You can practice your connection with the camera as well as with the wedding photographers from Portsmouth in your employ ensuring that you will end up with great wedding photos by the end of the coverage.

A free brag book

A brag book is basically a free collection of photos that are carefully curated. There is roughly around 25 photos or so in it and it is easily categorized as the favorites of the photographer that you have booked for the wedding. More often than not, they use this as some sort of marketing material that they will show out to potential clients in the future but as a courtesy, they will offer this out to you or give you a copy of it. Since this is a courtesy, it will oftentimes come at no extra charge, of course. But then again, this is a common practice but not necessarily a prerequisite so some wedding photographers from Portsmouth will gladly give this out to you while others may not.

Keep this in mind when you are sifting people out at the end of the day. This can make quite a difference to what you will be getting by the end of the wedding because a brag book is usually the choicest photos from your wedding. It’s a great addition to your paid wedding photo album. Tell the wedding photographer that you are talking to that you are keen on getting a brag book if he doesn’t openly offer this out to you. You will never know what you may end up getting if you negotiate the right way.

Free mini prints or proofs.

These are also being handed out by photographers everywhere. Ask your photographer if he will be willing to give you a few mini prints that you can be crafty with.