Five Things the Groom Must Never Be Caught During Before a Wedding at the Isle of Skye

isle of skye wedding photographerWeddings can be fun and exciting, as a matter of fact, the days preceding the wedding proper can be said to be some of the most exciting days in the lives of the groom and bride especially and also our popular Isle of skye wedding photographer. However, there are certain things that could act as spoilers as this day approaches and as such precautionary steps ought to be taken to avert such an occurrence. This write-up seeks to open your eyes to these landmines and also help you to manoeuvre yourself around them without losing a marital limb.

The big day is close by, everything is going just according to plan, your dream wedding is just a day or two away, the excitement is abnormal, just then excitement becomes anxiety and anxiety breeds errors, without knowing it, you start doing things that any sensible groom ought not to be caught doing at all, everything begins going wrong. You may be in this situation right now or perhaps something that has little semblance to this scenario, then be sure to avoid the following five landmines

Avoid the local pub

This may sound a little too extreme, but the truth is that you do not want to be at the local pub with friends a few days to your big day. It is quite understandable that you want to blow off some steam and share your excitement and joy with your college buddies but the error there is that you do not want to have too much booze that could make you run your mouth like a tap. There are certain things you must never utter in the days preceding to your wedding. In summary, stay away from excessive booze and if you must indulge, please do it somewhere less public, you certainly do not want the money paid to the best Isle of skye wedding photographer contacted to be a waste.

Stay off the high school crush

Okay, you have just arrived town with your soon to be bride, it been agreed that it would be a big family wedding, then you take a stroll in the evening alone, reminiscing on the history the town holds, just then as you make a bend you see a face you haven’t seen in years, pleasantries are exchanged a hug here and there and voila! You are back in contact with your first crush in high school. Well, if you look close enough, you would see the red light shouting “do not!” you would certainly be doing yourself a whole world of good by just saying hi and never look back to her for the sake of your yet to be consummated marriage.

Avoid the strip club

Although many might argue this as the classic spot for a bachelor’s night experience, history shows that this may just about be the dumbest move you could ever take. For one, your soon to be wife certainly won’t be too excited at the prospect of her competition being some paid stripper, however if you must go to one, please put on a hood, a bowler hat and trench coat or better still put on a mask or something, you certainly do not want to start on a wrong footing.