Awesome Wedding Hacks You Didn’t Know About

Use sandpaper to handle slippery shoes.

Lancashire wedding photographerSlippery shoes are the worst. Most of the hotel venues out there actually come with marbled floors and they can turn out to be a real challenge to have to walk around in. if you want to go about the entire wedding day with little to no slipups, pun intended, make sure that you actually go through the motions of gluing little bits of sandpaper in the soles of your shoes. No one will ever notice this but the kind of comfort and convenience that you will be able to get out of something like this can turn out to give you all of the benefits at the end of the day. your Lancashire wedding photographer won’t even notice this and this won’t even show in your wedding photos or shots so try to do what you can ahead of time so that you can go ahead and prep your shoes the right way. The groom’s shoes might come across the same issue so make sure that you consider this or that you take this into account as well as this can really help you out a lot one way or the other.

Veil weights are your best friends, on a windy day.

This has happened one too many times in the past. The veil is something that is meant to be dramatic and meant to add some sort of impact to your ensemble and to your overall presence as a bride. It can be a little hard to pull that off if you happen to be stepping out on a windy day and your Lancashire wedding photographer can’t get decent compositions of you inside the veil so far. This is something as simple as adding on some decorative veil weights to the ensemble. You can add in any type of stone or pearls or beads and so on and so forth. For great veil shots from a Lancashire wedding photographer, you might want to take a look at Bentham Imaging so that you can have a few pegs and a few inspirations while you are trying to decide on which veil weights to stock up on and to ask your wedding seamstress for.

Easy breezy seating charts through post its.

Gone were the days wherein seating charts have to be a chore and have to be a real pain on the side to have to set up or to change up, even. For as long as you have some sort of board with the illustration of the setup for the wedding reception along with the tables, you can easily tack on people’s names based on how you would like to group them with the use of post its. You can even color them based on their priority so that you have a better grasp of how you are grouping people so far.

Coloring kits for kids.

Kids can be a handful especially during occasions such as wedding that they technically find boring. Have a kids’ area or section set up with coloring kits so that they have something to fiddle with and so that you can give the adults a bit of a break to enjoy the merriments of the day.